What is AD&DB Rider in insurance policies offered by LIC of India?

Accidental Death & Disability Benefit Rider (AD&DB Rider)

So, it is a rider, which means it is an extra benefit that is optional and can be opted in an insurance policy by paying a very affordable additional premium.

As the name suggests, it covers 2 conditions:

  1. Death due to an accident and
  2. Disability due to an accident

What are the benefits offered?

Let’s understand the benefits to be received in each condition one by one.

In case of death due to an accident: The family of the insured will receive the sum assured as opted for in AD & DB Rider while purchasing the insurance policy in addition to the base sum assured of the policy.

In case of permanent disability due to an accident:

  • Payment of all future premiums will be waived.
  • The insured will receive the additional AD&DB sum assured divided into 120 equal monthly payments (i.e. monthly income support for 10 years).
  • Insurance cover will continue till maturity and the insured will receive all maturity benefits (bonus etc.) on maturity.

How to avail?

When you are buying an insurance plan checkout for the AD&DB rider and opt for the same in the proposal form. The extra benefit of AD&DB rider can be availed by paying a very minimal additional amount while buying the base policy and is available with most of the insurance plans offered by LIC.

Talk to your insurance advisor if you need further help.

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