You cannot have a winning cricket team without 11 players with different capabilities

You understand that it is quite a job for the selectors to select a WORLD-BEATER national cricket team. And it would be tougher to select the BEST Team possible if they do not follow a process and select the team based on Favoritism. let us visualize what that ideal selection process simply might look like:

Step1: Check and analyze, the type of tournament (a Test, an ODI, or a T-20), the location of the tournament (India or Abroad), the field conditions at that location (suitable for fast bowlers, suitable for spin bowlers, or suitable for batsmen).

Step2: Decide and finalize on the appropriate combination of the number of batsmen, bowlers (pacers and spinners), and all-rounders based on the above.

Step3: Select the players WITHOUT BIAS to fill up the decided numbers based on their suitability, ability, and performance.

Now, when this team plays a match do all the players perform equally towards a win? Sometimes the bowlers might fail to contain the opponent’s score within a limit, but the batsmen perform outstandingly to get a win for the team. Now, based on the performance of this one match can we have a team comprising only batsmen for the next match?

No, right? because we understand that not all players would perform well every time and that all the players in a team have a role to play. You cannot have a WORLD BEATING CRICKET TEAM without all 11 players.

Similarly, INVESTMENT IS NOT ABOUT YOUR FAVOURITE PRODUCT. It is about having a winning team i.e. IT IS ABOUT HAVING A PERFORMING INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO. And like individual players, all investment products such as bonds, real estate, equity, endowments, annuity products, etc. are important and serve a purpose in your portfolio based on conditions and goals. This is where the art and science of selecting the right products in your portfolio pays.

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