The Hen or the Eggs, Which one would you take utmost care to protect?

We all have heard the story of the goose laying golden eggs and we know that it can’t be real. But for the sake of this topic assume that you own a hen that lays golden eggs. Now, here, I have a question for you.

Among the hen and the eggs which one would you take utmost care to protect?

What is your answer? The hen, right? Because it is the one that lays those golden eggs. Ideally, it should be both the hen and the golden eggs (as they are valuable too). But you would never protect only the eggs and leave the hen unprotected.

In our lives, we care for the eggs more than the hen and leave the hen unprotected. People insure their assets, gold, home, cars, and business properties but forget to insure the hen (himself/herself) who is creating all these. Remember, if we leave the hen unprotected and something bad happens, the family will not be receiving any new eggs and might have to use up the existing eggs to survive.

If you are committing the same serious mistake, please get yourself adequately insured and get on track TODAY.

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