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Choose confidence, choose comprehensive coverage and investment solutions with our diverse range of services. With us, work out all your plans with ease and perfection. We believe that simplicity is awesome.

Insurance Services
Risk Management & Wealth Protection

“Discover a spectrum of protection with our authorized insurance services. Whether it’s life, health, accidents, or general insurance, we specialize in crafting personalized solutions. Trust us to safeguard your priorities, ensuring peace of mind and security. We assure you of every effort to be sure that your insurance is as per your need. Start with a Quality Check of your existing insurance.” >> Know more.

Investment Services
Goal success & wealth expansion

“Elevate your financial future with our investment services. As distributors of Mutual Funds, fixed deposits, bonds, and diverse investment products, we offer you smart choices. Experience growth, security, and expert assistance for a prosperous tomorrow. We assure you of every effort for risk diversification and selection of investment pr oducts suitable to your profile and money goals.” >> Know more.

We help you create Regular Income

Create Regular Cashflows for Lifetime and Benefits for 3 Generations

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Ankur Chakraborty
Ankur Chakraborty
A real financial advisor, who understands financial condition of the investor and advice the best possible solution. Under his guidance my investments are growing steadily with minimum risk and earning maximum profit. Thanks a lot Kaushik in guiding me to manage my finances in a better way. I strongly recommend individual who wants peace of mind in achieving financial stability and goal to Contact Mr Kaushik Paul
Kaushik is the best Financial Advisor! What makes him best is his honest opinion and clear thoughts ! Highly Recommend!
Parikshit Baruah
Parikshit Baruah
I have been consulting Shri Kaushik Paul for the last 5 years regarding all my financial dealings in insurance, Stock Markets and Mutual funds. I have full faith in his acumen and I have not been disappointed. I wish him all the best in all of his endeavors. And yes he is also humble and soft spoken.
Bijon Chakrabarty
Bijon Chakrabarty
Kaushik Guided me with my insurance need and my financial goals.With his advice started my life insurance policy nd my SIP in mutual fund.He provided me with investment and insurance app,where I could easily track my portfolios and do new investment,I thank him for his exceptional advice and services.
Rinku Dubey
Rinku Dubey
बहुत अच्छे सलाहकार हैं। इनसुरेनस और निवेश बारे में इनके दिये सलाह मेरे लिए बहुत कारगर रहे। आप भी इनका सलाह आपने जीवन में उतारे।
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“To positively impact 100,000 households, guiding them towards a stress-free happy life.”

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