Kaushik Paul

An entrepreneur, passionate about helping individuals, families & business owners to overcome their money stressors, make better financial decisions, and create sustainable wealth by helping them navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

With a focus on a family’s financial security, Kaushik is on a mission to positively impact 100,000 families towards financial security. He initiates financial literacy programs and has authored the book ‘8 Money Secrets of a Happy Family.

An authorized agent of life, health and general insurance and a certified distributor of Mutual Funds and other investment products, Kaushik is passionate about helping his clients with their money goals.

He is working with a vision to stand out as the leading advisor for insurance and investment solutions serving families across India, helping them overcome their money stressors and create sustainable wealth.

Ethical codes

“Aligned with our mission and vision, these 8 guiding codes steer our actions.”

“Portfolio privacy, our utmost care.”
“Data’s fortress: total security assured.”
“Empowering minds: aware investors.”
“Walks, talks: honesty, productivity.”
“Pursue better, solutions that matter.”
“Service first, doing good to all.”
“Love your work, achieve with passion.”
“Growth: personal, professional.”


What is kaushikpaul.com?

It is the official website of Kaushik Paul, a licensed agent for insurance, and an authorized distributor of Mutual Funds and other investment products. Get access to insurance and investment services.

If I start my investing or insurance journey with you, would I get proper service?

We are not an online platform selling insurance and investment products where you buy a product and have access to persons behind call center numbers with limited or insufficient knowledge about investing and insurance trying to provide you with the right solution.

We strive to have a strong and ongoing relationship with all our clients, based on trust and efficiency. We provide personalized human help, with the best of technological support, not just during the initial investing process but throughout your investment journey.

We keep in touch with you with valuable inputs periodically and of course when you contact us for any additional service need that may arise from time to time. Also, we have an address where you can meet us for offline services related to your insurance and investments needs.

Got some more questions?

Write to us at support@kaushikpaul.com and we will take care of all your queries.

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