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8 MONEY SECRETS of a happy family

8 MONEY SECRETS of a happy family

Simple steps to manage, protect and grow your money.

"Life is a display of unlimited opportunities. Choose your own happiness"



"Our thoughts are untamable. The child within us keeps them exciting, natural and harmless"


A thread of thoughts

What would you have?

As always I was one of the last few passengers to board the flight. I was travelling with a very

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Stopped for better?

Early in the morning, I came to know about an unexpected and bitter incident that happened to someone in our

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Childhood afternoons

I remember those sunny afternoons of my childhood. Surprisingly, they are still healthy in my mind and they keep knocking

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"Human I am, as I dare to dream."

"On a mission to help 1,00,000 families live a financially secure and stress-free life"

Kaushik Paul

Kaushik Paul

Kaushik Paul is an engineer turned entrepreneur. In his journey to becoming financially secure, he is on a mission to help 1,00,000 families live a financially secure and stress-free life.

Kaushik’s over 10 years of field experience with financial products and his entrepreneurial endeavours shine through the pages of his debut book, The Money Secrets of a Happy Family, which will help you learn the simple steps to manage, protect, and grow your money.

 He presently works out of his home in the wine capital of India, Nashik, and reminisces about his childhood days in Assam. He devotes his leisure hours to birding, travelling, and cooking with his daughter and wife.

Kaushik is a lifelong optimist, a believer, and has a keen interest in learning new things. He is a huge fan of Bengali literature and dreams of directing a film someday.

"Time is invaluable, do not waste it in depreciating things"

The System

The Growth Circle


number of days

you probably live
on this earth

"… and if you are forty, you might have already used up half of it. We forget that actually we have limited time to make a difference for us and for this world we live in. Let's not waste it spreading and absorbing negativities"


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The Growth Circle


This podcast talks about the concepts of managing and protecting your money, enterprise, and managing life situations.

"For the one who does his happiness, everyday is a welcome work day."


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