2 ‘things’ that affect your equity return the most in long term and surprisingly, are in your control!

2 things that affect your equity return the most and surprisingly, are in your control!

As an investor in equity we expose ourselves to various media, to listen to and learn the ideas, the tools that talks about the past, present and probable future of the market.

But, that doesn’t seem to work enough, as we struggle to gain the equity return that we expect to earn from the market. So, what else we need to learn to get the kind of equity return the market has offered over time?


Mutual Funds or Stocks, what to choose for investing into equity?

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice and aims for information sharing only. FIRSTLY: When you invest in equity through mutual funds, you get the benefit of the fund manager’s expertise. That might possibly ensure the mutual funds holding good stocks with potential for long-term returns. A fund manager carefully picks stocks, tracks them and…


What are Ultra Short Term Funds?

Ultra short term funds are a type of Mutual Fund in the debt funds category that invest in fixed rate and fixed income earning papers with a maturity of up-to 6 months.
These funds give you the opportunity or offer a possibility to earn higher returns compared to traditional FDs, savings account or liquid funds.